The Homeless, Helping the Homeless


Echo Fine Properties, Realtor, Andrew Levy first learned about The Lord’s Place when he moved to Florida permanently back in 2014. TLP helps the homeless find shelter on their 4 campuses, and also has an educational facility to teach job skills. After a period of time TLP wants their residents to find a job, a home and “fly away”. Andrew loved that concept. He met the CEO Diana Stanley and she gave him a tour of the whole operation. He was so impressed with what he saw and the success rate, he and his wife made donations every year for their annual “Sleep-out” fundraiser. Andrew’s wife, Neda, also continues to give the tweens and teens in the TLP program gifts every Christmas. It started at 10 and now it’s about 30.

After Hurricane Ian Andrew made the second PB&J delivery (5,000 sandwiches) to the west coast for Echo Fine Properties’  “Coming Together – Sticking Together” drive to help homeless and newly homeless hurricane victims. It was astonishing! Andrew imagined the newly homeless and jobless would sky rocket and he thought about the The Lord’s Place. Wouldn’t it be something if TLP could lend a hand and make sandwiches for the newly homeless impacted by the hurricane! The homeless helping the homeless. He knew Diana Stanley would want to get involved and that is exactly what happened. She thought “let’s teach the children and empower them to help others in their same situation.”

The children and adults made 325 sandwiches at the Jack & Evelyn Alexander Campus in West Palm Beach until they ran out of bread! These sandwiches went to feed the residents on the west coast that are now facing a similar situation. Today over 23,000 PB&J sandwiches have been lovingly made and delivered by  Echo Fine Properties. Mission accomplished.

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