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24 SEP
Better to Buy or Rent in Palm Beach County?

Better to Buy or Rent in Palm Beach County? The rental market has been absolutely bonkers!  Everyone puts a plea out on social media to help a nice person who can’t find a rental and is looking to stay in the area.  Sadly, there are no secret giveaway deals as landlords... Read More

24 SEP
Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips In the event that Tropical Depression Ian forms into a named storm/hurricane, here is a list aa list of tips for you to use on any pending deals. This list was compiled with help from our friends at Cross Country Mortgage, Brightway Insurance, and... Read More

17 SEP
Cybersecurity and Real Estate

Cybersecurity and Real Estate One of our agents sold a home for 10 million dollars a few weeks ago.  Maybe 2 million is the new 1 million but a 10-million-dollar sale is a 10-million-dollar sale all around and it was a time for celebration for our agent.  That was until... Read More

10 SEP
Must Know Resources, School Tutors, and more

Must Know Resources, School Tutors, and more. Like Red in the Shawshank Redemption, a good Realtor is often the one who can get something for you. We have a Vendor resource page that is vetted that does just that.  And this week the call is not for a handyman, electrician,... Read More

26 AUG
Thinking Ahead when Buying and Selling

Thinking Ahead when Buying and Selling - 12 MUST-DO tips! “Sam!”.  “Can you move the car?”.  Silence from the 2nd story. “Jade!” “JADDDDDDE!” You can hear a pin drop upstairs. Only Paul Simon does a better rendition of the Sounds of Silence.  That’s why... Read More

19 AUG
What does the housing drop mean for the local economy?

What does the housing drop mean for the local economy? My first 10 years in the business world were spent in the home furnishings textile industry. We would always figure out how big or small of a line to come out with for the following season based on how robust the housing... Read More

13 AUG
Everyone is a Millionaire!

Who Wants To Be a  I$ a Millionaire   $1,000,000 is the new $650,000.  That’s basically what has happened to tons of homeowners in just 2.5 years time. As a matter of fact our average sale price here at Echo Fine Properties company wide is $1,000,000. While that... Read More

Oh, the Places You Will Go!

You Can’t Do a Good Deal with a Bad Guy My Grandpa Gerald was a sayings guy. My Grandpa Gerald had a saying which was “you can’t do a good deal with a bad guy.” He followed this mantra in business. If he didn’t care for someone’s character, then he just wouldn’t... Read More

28 JUL
You must analyze your Real Estate tax bill this year.

You must analyze your real estate tax bill this year. The last 2 years have been strange ones for Real Estate taxes with as much appreciation as we’ve had.  On the good side, there was a property tax cut in the rate for the first time in a dozen years. If you are homesteaded (homestead,... Read More

22 JUL
Eliminate High Anxiety – A Road to Smooth Deals

Eliminate High Anxiety – A Road to Smooth Deals   The days of Sellers modeling their behavior after Nurse Diesel in “High Anxiety” and having Buyers enjoy being abused (and enjoying it as Harvey Korman did) are over.  For you Gen Z’s, rent this one on Netflix... Read More

14 JUL

11 Hurricane Preparation Tips   Florida kids LOVE hurricanes.  Yes, you read that right.  Lots of families skedaddle out of town.  If you are going to skedaddle, it’s always best to go North and inland. Hurricanes dissipate inland! Take a trip to Atlanta, Chattanooga,... Read More

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