Here in south Florida, the effort goes on to get help to people on the gulf coast.

Tara Jakeway show us the unique way some local realtors are reaching out.

A group of local realtors is coming together and sticking together – that’s the motto for their movement. It’s a unique form of disaster relief, and today they hit a sticky milestone. 1,500 sandwiches. You heard that right, their relief is in the form of a sandwich and a childhood favorite pb and j.

Says organizer Jeff Lichtenstein “we’re going to bring thousands of sandwiches, tomorrow we are going, we rented an f-450 and now were just making sandwiches!”

They chose the staple to take over to the west coast because it’s portable, affordable, and packed with protein. “450 calories in a peanut butter sandwich. Its easy to make just white bread, grape jelly and peanut butter – it’s an activity that is doable for neighbors of all ages from seniors, to youngsters. Kids want to get involved and kids don’t have the money to help and they’re not brawny enough to help but kids can make a fantastic peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”

And so can famous football players including Willie Roaf! From linemen to local realtors many have started their own at home assembly lines, some even offering tips to help the pb&j travel. Echo Fine Properties will be accepting donations at their headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens for the foreseeable future with multiple drop off spots on the west coast.

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