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12 JAN

100 Degree Differential

100 Degree Differential

I may die this weekend. As a matter of fact, this Jeff’s Journal might be a posthumous Jeff’s Journal. Possibly even a collector’s edition. However, don’t get too excited as a column giving my 2 cents is probably only worth 2 cents!


See, I’m in Chicago this weekend.  Being a good friend to my childhood friend, Jonny S, I accepted an invite to young Ava’s Bat Mitzvah. I’m from Chicago and have come back several times to visit old friends and catch a White Sox game, but never in January. When I checked the weather, it says -5 degrees with -23 degrees windchill 🥶. I already got Chicago Bulls tickets and the thought of waiting for an Uber after the game scares my earlobes and nose hairs to death. Let alone all the frozen slushy ice on the sidewalk from the blizzard 🥶 the day before! Gloves, galoshes, full face masks, and long underwear are not in my arsenal anymore.


Dressing and surviving this dreadful weather was top of mind this week when I was interviewed by the  Palm Beach Post   The reporter wanted to know when Palm Beach County really picked up steam as a destination. Was it boiling frog growth or one big turning point event?



See Population graphs 📈 here


5 things came to mind during my 24 years living here and 30 in total visiting. My folks became snowbirds in 1994.


  1. 2000 marked the year of Cityplace opening, Kravis, and downtown Abacoa. Nicks Tomato Pie and Mondos were the biggest restaurant spots in North Palm Beach County and you’d drive 20 minutes to go there. Today add 200 restaurants to the that mix.


  1. The rush of 2004-2006 market brought tons of new restaurants and shopping. Downtown at the Gardens and Legacy Place opening at the same time was a shock to the system.


  1. 2010. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan moving to Jupiter were giant stories. They are both the biggest athletes in their respective professions. The entire PGA Tour moved seemed to move here from Orlando at that time (we have the ocean and a 5-10 degree better weather differential in the winter). Jordan likes it so much he didn’t fly into Chicago this weekend even though he is being honored by the Bulls in their new Ring of Honor Ceremony. Instead he is sending in a taped message saying he had other commitments. Other commitments means, a nice golf game in 75 degree weather. MJ is one smart cookie.


  1. The pandemic. Wall Street South seemed to move here during that time. But the pandemic was a gold rush of everyone moving all at once. Discovering you could work from home. Save on taxes, Lifestyle.  Lots of things tied into one.


  1. But none of those events, even combined compares to the weather. The 100 degree weather differential comparing -23 to 77 high in Palm Beach is the reason why people come here. It’s shorts and a polo versus galoshes, long underwear, layers, gloves, scarves, and more!


I read recently that Buffalo was the hottest market in the United States this summer because of affordability.


Are they nuts?!?



Unless one enjoys ice fishing,  exercise for your arms using ice scraper on the car windshield, let alone high tax rates, Buffalo and Chicago are not long term hot destinations. Summer migration might have been true in Buffalo, but it will freeze up like Niagara Falls after one taste of this winter. If you live to tell about it!

To get out of the bad weather consider searching for a home enjoying the Florida weather…….

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