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Letters of Recommendation

Jeff strives to meet all the needs of his clients and he takes all feedback very seriously. Here are some of the letters from clients who have worked with Jeff.

Steve and Laura Shirk - Indiancreek -  

Hi Jeff,
I would like to share our experience with one of your agents, Sophie Schneeberger.

From the time, I met her on a call to see if I was interested in selling to the closing of our property, Sophie was always honest about the feedback that was received from either realtors or guest from the many open houses that she performed.

Feedback was always within 24 hours of any showing and that alone was a first from any of my previous realtors. During the first meeting with Sophie, I told her that I was interested in either selling on my own or renting. Sophie then updated me on the current available inventory and condition of their property in my targeted market area. I told her that we should touch base in a month after I was finish with the updates to my condo. During this period, I had been contacted by at least 4 other realtors asking if I would like to list. The only question I asked them was what was the available inventory in the market. I received very vague answers. Sophie touch based with me a couple of times to see how thing were going during this time and we reviewed what she thought would be a good marketing plan if I listed with her. We made a great decision listing with Sophie.

Steve and Laura Shirk"

Adele Fine - Frenchman's Creek -  

My husband and I just purchased a home at Frenchman's Creek . We could not have been happier with our broker ..Chris Burke was amazing and great at what he does! He was absolutely delightful to work with, extremely knowledgeable, sincere, patient and honest. Most importantly he listened to us and our needs and took us to appropriate properties not wasting anyone's time.
Since Chris lives at Frenchman's Creek and is an avid golfer he knew the community inside and out ..With his friendly and outgoing personality he introduced us to everyone that crossed our path. Even when I called to ask him about the "men's gin game" he was able to answer all my questions!
We were nothing than pleased with his expertise and we credit him with a smooth and stress free buying experience.
Thank you Chris!
Adele Fine"

Udo & Natasha Koch - Mirabella -  

Buying a home is a challenge, but working with Sylvia has been simply amazing. She has exceeded our expectations. Sylvia is a very sincere and honest person. She is efficient, knowledgeable, patient , helpful and generous with her time. She is always well prepared and enthusiastic. Sylvia has been exceptionally professional and personable throughout the entire process. We felt that we had a good friend, whenever we communicated with her. We were also impressed with her genuine interest and the assurance that the decision on our new home was a satisfactory one. In short, the best part is that we now have a new friend - a friendship that will continue to grow! Thank you, Sylvia!
Udo & Natasha K.
Palm Beach Gardens, Mirabella"

Benjamin Vogel MD - PGA National -  

We first met Craig in the summer of 2016, when he became our selling agent for our rental property in PGA National (a golf community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida). Within a few months, Craig had our property under contract, for very close to our asking price, and with a closing date that allowed our tenants to finish out their lease. We knew that we wanted to buy replacement properties, and Craig's ability to understand our needs, and his patience while we looked at many possibilities over the course of a few months was much appreciated. In addition to being able to schedule showings on short notice, he is very knowledgeable about PGA National, so his advice as to which areas would be best for us was invaluable. Although we confined ourselves to properties in PGA National, I have no doubt that he would bring the same expertise to any area in which his client(s) may be interested.

In addition to helping us with the sale and purchase, he has also given us service above and beyond that which we would expect of a realtor. (He recently went to our new property to ensure that the electric and water were ready to be turned on, and he has undertaken other tasks for us).

For the above reasons, we recommend him highly as being knowledgeable, competent and reliable, and we certainly look forward to working with him in the future.

We would be happy to speak in more detail with anyone on his behalf.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Vogel, MD, FACOG"

Ralph Nichols -  


You have chosen well when you added her to your team.

She is warm and friendly, which is a requirement if one is to succeed in sales. More importantly she is available, she is professional, she follows through, and she is proactive.

When the transaction was completed she said to call her if I needed anything. Normal. Then SHE followed back up not on a request from me, rather as a practice of a professional to make sure all was OK. Did I need anything??

It was a very positive experience dealing with her. I decided when I next need a R E agent to handle something, she is the first one I will call.

Ralph Nichols"

Gerald Van Aken -  

A hard worker, devoted to her work and me the client. And if you know even very little about the business you know how much effort Jamie, aka “The Energizer Bunny” puts into finding a place – closing. I find her exceptional, worthy of praise."

Jacqueline Ouellette -  

Personally, I come from The Ritz-Carlton background so my standards are very high when it comes to customer service. Jake not only met but exceeded my expectations, which is incredibly rare now a days especially in the real estate industry.

Jake exudes professionalism, from someone who lives by the rule "to be on time is to be late." I was blown away by his punctuality as he beat me to each and every showing we had together. He was always prepared with a listing page, lights were on and did I mention that he was usually wearing a suit?

When communicating daily with each other, I never waited more than five minutes for a response, regardless of the time of day.

The shining moment for me was after looking aggressively for weeks we had finally found a place! But after submitting an offer and application, the response was an unprofessional agent texting and leaving me voicemail's with a condensing tone. She threatened that I would not get the unit, as I was her client and could not work with Jake. In disbelief that someone would make these false accusations I contacted Jake and with his calm voice and professional demeanor he volunteered to take control and handle this unprofessional agent and the situation. At 10 pm at night, when he could of easily not responded, instead he stepped up to the plate. Oh, did I mention this was for a rental?

His expertise and guidance through this experience has been invaluable and just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with you.

Thank you for your time; wishing you a wonderful day!
Warmest Regards,

Jacqueline Ouellette"

Jim and Sandy Kelleher - Eastpointe - Singer Island -  

Sandy and I thank you both for the professional way you handled our Purchase of Eastpointe 1 and the sale of 100 Shore Court. It was our pleasure and good fortune to have met you and received your expertise in both transactions.

Jim and Sandy"

Larry Mulligan - Club Cottages -  

Thanks for follow-up. Have to admit you do your job professionally and that's a pleasure to work with."

Adolph and Josephine Naujoks - Bay Hill Estates -  

Dear Jeff,
This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation for your associate Sylvia Isaacs. We first met Sylvia in November of 2016, when we were actively engaged in looking for a single family home in the Bay Hill Estates area. We were relatively new to this particular area, and she immediately became an integral part of helping us in every step of the house search and evaluation process.

Sylvia impressed us right away with her excellent organizational and communication skills and her winning attitude that encourages collaboration. We found her to be an effective negotiator, because she clearly communicates expectations, has sound judgment and is incredibly reliable. We think that all of these qualities are key in providing and accomplishing a positive outcome whether buying or selling real estate property.

We found her broad geographic knowledge of the greater West Palm Beach area and its inherently complex real estate market, along with her network contacts to be immeasurable assets. Sylvia possesses a keen eye for important details and the esthetic qualities of homes that she shows and we had the feeling that she always put our interest at the fore front.

Now, almost seven month later, after we successfully bought and closed on our home, we consider Sylvia a friend and plan to retain her for future real estate transactions. We are recommending Sylvia's services to our friends and acquaintances who might be considering to relocate to South Florida, because she has consistently performed above and beyond our expectations . We really believe that you could not be in better hands when considering buying or selling your home.

Adolph and Josephine Naujoks"

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