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Grow Houses Become Part Of The New Normal

March 5th, 2011

Nobody would deny that the residential real estate market in South Florida has been turbulent the last few years. If you were living here during the boom, you might remember people camping out in order to get a new condo or townhouse in a development opening for sale. Lotteries were held since there were too many buyers for the available units.

Even many real estate agents found themselves caught up in the frenzy and bought homes or condos on speculation. But, as in the children’s game of musical chairs, when the music stopped in 2006 many people were left without a chair to sit in. And to deal with the new financial mess, people suddenly found themselves in new circumstances and many people did novel things and some new real estate terms joined the lexicon.

For example, ‘blurry title’ and ‘strategic default’ are now common terms.

We also have new uses for houses. Adverse possession or ‘squatters’ are back, as are shifty types trying to make a quick buck off the situation. And now a more common use of foreclosed houses is to turn them into ‘grow houses’. A grow house is a building that is converted into an indoor growing space for the cultivation of marijuana. Why?

The current street value of pot, according to Google, is several thousand dollars per pound. And with California and Colorado legalizing the medical use of the herb, the demand is soaring. On a CNBC special, they interviewed a grower in California who had some really large plants that he said might be worth thousands per plant. So with all these empty, bank-owned houses, some are being turned into ‘grow houses’, another new phrase enters the language and the real estate market continues to change and we now have the new normal.

Tiger Woods’ House | Exclusive Look at Jupiter Island Estate and Private Golf Course

November 12th, 2010

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Now that the Tiger Woods house is completed on Jupiter Island, we have a first glimpse of the backyard and practice complex. (photo below) Jupiter Island is a far different environ than the well known and more crowded North Palm Beach real estate. Homes are sparser, secluded and therefore much higher priced.

It appears he has one tee box in the southeast east corner to hit drivers. The entire area just west of the lap pool can be used to hit long, medium and short irons into any of the 4 greens. Each green is guarded by a single trap, except the green in the northwest corner which appears to have 3 pot bunkers.

Tiger has enough open space to practice his short game from any angle, any wind condition, which really appears what this practice area is all about.

His putting green is totally surrounded by dense vegetation. One wonders if he is trying to block out the wind by doing this or if he is cutting off both sunlight and air circulation. He probably has a sub-air temperature/humidity control system beneath the green, otherwise it would be worthless in the heat of the summer, especially if the grass there is bent or some northern grass.

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I’m curious as to what type of grass he planted, both on the putting green and throughout his practice area. The denser Florida or tropical grasses react quite differently with the club head and ball, and Tiger  may find he is switching grasses a number of times until he finds the right mix.

I would have thought he’d have 2 putting greens, each with different grasses.

Another curious thing I found is the placement of this particular Jupiter Island home so far back from the intracoastal. Usually, homeowners want to be very close to the water, but I believe Tiger wanted his practice area close to the water, so he reversed the norm, creating another unique signature estate among the Juptier Island homes.

Tiger Woods estate home and practice golf course in Jupiter Island Florids

Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Home

A look inside a Jupiter home

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Written by Cary Lichtenstein

~Cary Lichtenstein started playing at age 7. He rated courses for GolfWeek magazine, Cary has played all top 100 courses in the US and 75 of the top 100 in the world. His handicap over the years has averaged about five. Cary Lichtenstein is a frequent contributor to

Michael Jordan’s House | Tiger’s Sports Complex | Venus Williams’ Mansion | Celine Dion’s House | Donald Trump’s Private Club | Burt Reynolds & Friends | Elin Nordegren’s Home | Rory McIlroy’s House | Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach Home

Jupiter Island | Discover The Secrets Of The Life Fantastic Wealth Can Bring

May 14th, 2010

Jupiter Island | Discover The Secrets Of The Life Fantastic Wealth Can Bring

Jupiter Island homes for sale | Jupiter Island real estate

  • Of Florida’s Treasure Coast’s three Barrier Islands, Jupiter Island is the southernmost
  • The Gomez Grant. was the first recorded history of Jupiter Island
  • As a reward for faithful service, the King of Spain made a land grant to Eusebio Gomez in 1815
  • This included not only Jupiter Island, but almost all of what has now become known as mainland Hobe Sound
  • The land was divided and divided again amongst the Gomez heirs and others over the years
  • In the early 1900s, much of it was sold to a British land development company that ended up going bankrupt in the late 1920s
  • The holdings were acquired by a group of friends who enjoyed staying at a small island hotel
  • They had the idea of conserving the natural beauty of the Island, and this has continued to be the intention of the original owners, their heirs and others who have purchased land & built homes here
  • Much of Jupiter Island has been given to the Audubon Society, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and the Nature Conservancy for wildlife refuges and preservation of the natural ecology
  • In 1953 Jupiter Island was incorporated as a town and enacted strict low-density zoning regulations which have preserved its natural beauty
  • Single family residential homes are zoned for 1 & 2-acres and no hi-rises or multiple family dwellings are permitted
  • The town has its own government including a mayor, commissioners, a fire department, and a police department with the highest ratio of police to residents anywhere in the United States
  • There are approximately 450 homes located on Jupiter Island
  • Discover The Secrets Of The Life Fantastic Wealth Can Bring
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Jupiter Island | Discover Extreme Luxury Living

May 14th, 2010

Jupiter Island | Discover Extreme Luxury Living

Jupiter Island homes for sale | Jupiter Island real estate

  • Considered to be the single richest town in the United States, mostly Old Money until recently
  • Located at the border of Martin County, north of the Palm Beach County line
  • Jupiter Island is 17 miles long, bordered on one side by the cerulean waters of the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side by the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Jupiter Island’s relationship with wealth began in the year 1715
  • The Spanish Plata Fleet shipwrecked directly off the coast, dumping tons of gold & silver coins
  • Most of the homes on Jupiter Island are constructed upon 1 & 2-acre lots
  • Jupiter Island’s unsurpassed real estate & privacy have long proven irresistible to the rich & famous
  • Discover Extreme Luxury Living
  • Golfers Greg Norman, Tiger Woods & Nick Price all have homes on Jupiter Island
  • Singers Alan Jackson & Celine Dion both have magnificent estate homes on Jupiter Island
  • The mother of President G.H.W. Bush lived on Jupiter Island, also during his presidency
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