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Suzanne Slate – Letter of recommedation from Attorney and Steeplechase resident

January 25th, 2019

Our Clients Say It Best!


Suzanne Slate of Echo Properties was assigned the task of selling our property in the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida community of Steeplechase. Our two prior realtors, while highly competent, were unable to generate an offer nor interest in our property.

To begin, Suzanne and her team at Echo implemented a solid, comprehensive sales marketing approach relating to our property. Surprisingly, Suzanne oversaw each marketing approach with unique insight to create buyer interest in our residence.

Second, Suzanne politely conveyed to us subtle, non-obvious recommendations to facilitate improvement within the residence. Within months of our listing, Hurricane Irma visited our area. Unashamed, Suzanne worked tirelessly showing our home, at all hours, to include numerous open houses. Soon, Suzanne secured an offer and additional showings, upon proper notice, were too numerous to count. Impressively, Suzanne, not another realtor from or within her team, attended each showing. Feedback, positive, neutral, or negative, was shared with us so we were aware sooner than later what, if any, price adjustments or property showing recommendations were necessary.

Next, unforeseen circumstances created additional barriers to the sale of our home. Suzanne, instead of quitting or becoming frustrated, “shifted” into a problem-solving speed dial realtor. Suzanne had an answer, not excuse, for each hurdle we had to overcome to implement the sale of our home of fifteen years. Many real estate sensitive issues developed that Suzanne guided us through in a concise, calm yet no-nonsense fashion that dispelled anxious moments that existed during our listing, due to the actions of other realtors or interested prospects.

In the end, we now are proceeding to a real estate closing that would not have occurred without Suzanne as our realtor. Beyond her unmatched expertise, Suzanne possesses a client-first approach that allows her to respond to weekend, evening, Holiday, or vacation inquiries from her clients. To be clear, the only time Suzanne was not at a house showing or open house, was when she was out of state on vacation. In each instance, without fail, Suzanne, while out of state, provided instant feedback on each showing and open house. In short, Suzanne was uninterested in discussing her or her team’s needs. Instead, Suzanne and Echo were relentless in their desire to assist their clients without regard to the energy, time, or expense affiliated with this endeavor from their end. Without reservation, if you wish a responsive, intellectual, humble, attentive, compassionate, and professional realtor, choose Suzanne and her team at Echo Properties. If not, hope you can locate someone somewhere who might equal Suzanne’s business real estate acumen, passion, energy, and even-keeled approach to educating and serving your real estate needs. We endorse Suzanne Slate and Echo Properties as the “go-to” Northern Palm Beach County realtor(s).

Thomas J. and Mary Beth Ali

Open House 28th January 2018

January 28th, 2018

Open House


#EchoOpenHouse…Check out our Open Houses coming to a neighborhood near you! 🏡🎈🏡

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5675 Sea Biscuit Road – Suzanne Slate – (561) 719-8220

210 Thornton Drive – Craig Heger – (561) 246-1789

200 Carina DriveSylvia Isaacs – (561) 371-6610

7752 163rd Court N – Brian Smalley – (561) 774-1832

7 River Chase Terrace – Blake Tyson – (561) 409-7282

4 Via Del CorsoHomaira Mangal – (561) 657-0500

1036 US Highway 1 #327 – Alyssa Regan – (561) 935-6577

133 Wandering Trail – Sophie Schneeberger – (561) 808-4114

201 Ocean Bluffs Boulevard #103 – Andrew Levy – (561) 891-9262

13130 Bonnette Drive – Victoria Leonard Lorusso – (561) 531-4977

5344 Woodland Lakes Drive #224 – Jamie Garber – (561) 383-0206











January 20th, 2018


Congratulations to Justin Williams on the purchase of his new home in Steeplechase in Palm Beach Gardens!

Good luck in your new home.

Another satisfied client of Agent Suzanne Slate! 🌴☀️🏡