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How Soon is Phil Mickelson Moving to Florida???

January 31st, 2013
After unloading his beach house in San Diego for $2.7m in June of 2012, 2-time Masters Champion Phil Mickelson is continuing to market his main residence, a Tuscan-style 9500-square-foot home for $7.1m, leading to speculation that he is in the process of selling all of his California real estate assets and most probably moving to Florida along with Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Rory McIlroy. Mickelson originally listed his home in 2008 for $12m at the peak of the market.

Phil Mickelson’s California Home

Likely Sales Price

His asking price, $7.1m, should really be reduced to $6.9m as buyers search in rhythms of ½ millions, and will most likely sell for the $5.9m he paid for it in 2001, as most real estate today is selling at the same prices as 1999 to 2001.While Mickelson has incredible views, a wonderful, sparkling blue pool with waterfall, separate spas, tennis courts, guest houses and a cul-de-sac locale, architecture has changed dramatically since his home was built. Buyers today, when looking for Trophy Properties, prefer to be on the water. Next, they want the latest in architectural trends, which happens to be cleaner lines and a softer palette. Out is ornate Mediterranean; in is a transitional contemporary look. The buyer will most probably not buy his furniture and antiques, which probably cost a small fortune, as the buyer will change the overall look of the interior.

Michael Jordan’s Massive Modern Contemporary Mansion

Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island Swedish Ikea Modern Spread

Rory McIlroy’s Ultra-Modern Home

13.3% California Income Tax

California’s 13.3% onerous income tax and nearly 10% sales tax continues to impact high wage earners, except perhaps in Silicon Valley, and the exodus out of California, New York and other high income tax states continues. California was at one time the fastest-growing state in the nation and now it is losing more residents annually than any other state. In the past 10 years, nearly 2.5m residents have exited California.Phil speculated that his tax rate is 62-63%, meaning that the first 230 days of the year he works exclusively for both the United States and California governments. That means that around August 20, 2013 he can begin taking home his earnings.A typical Mickelson day requires 10-12 straight hours of planned, concentrated practice, day in, day out. Being a top-ranked player not only means you are great, but requires an unusual dedication honing your game into shape. It stresses the body, mind & soul.With the level of competition so keen today, the days of the old-timers staying out late, drinking and womanizing are long gone. That even caught up with Tiger last year!The demands of sponsors, grueling travel schedules, advertising photo shoots, charity work, autograph signing and dedication to family leaves the pro golfer with very few precious days off.

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Is California the next Greece?

California has long been the leader in deficit spending and unfortunately that has now caught up with it. Just as residents in the Northeast are leaving in droves for Florida, which negates any possible revenue increase for the state despite increases in the income tax rates, so too are California residents.

Passive Income v Earned Income

Mickelson is different from the hedge fund guy who is taxed at 15%, the oil companies with their depletion allowances, General Electric with its off-shore subsidiaries, etc. So Phil is on solid ground if he wants to move to Florida which dozens of high profile, high wage earners call home.

Phil saves $7.3m

Speculation has Phil earning $55m per year, so over a 10-year period, based on the 13.3% tax rate, Phil would save $7.3m by moving to Florida, more than the asking price of his current California house.

Phil Mickelson’s California Home

Phil Mickelson’s California Home

Where in Florida will Phil buy?

Where will Phil buy if he moves to Florida? Most probably the Jupiter Island area or a gated community like Admirals Cove, The Bear’s Club, or Old Palm. Each of those will offer him the privacy and water features so desirable today.

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Michael Jordan’s Massive Florida Home is Complete!

January 30th, 2013

He’s In!

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Being from Chicago, I can never forget the two most famous words of the 1990s, ”I’m Back”, referring to when Michael made his famous comeback to basketball after giving up his baseball career with the Chicago White Sox.  Now, two words describe Jordan’s new Florida home, “He’s In!”.  As the finishing touches got put on Jordan’s new home, 18 months of construction, 6 months of planning have produced what I will term “The Jordan Contemporary House”.

The Jordan house makes a clean break with the Mizner Traditional Mediterranean architecture so familiar to the Palm Beach area for the past 80 years. Other celebrities are breaking out as well in this direction, as evidenced by Rory McIlory’s and Tiger Woods’ houses.

What we are seeing now is a shift to clean lines, much more glass, sliding pocket and disappearing doors, marble and stone that is honed instead of polished, kitchen cabinets and granite that are white or cream. We are seeing slate-colored roof tiles made of concrete.

Micheal Jordan’s House

Tiger Woods’ House

Rory McIlroy’s House

Architecture is much more open, meaning that rooms are less defined by walls and more defined by furniture layout. Living rooms in many cases have disappeared completely and great rooms have emerged with 80″ TVs and open kitchens. The outside is now part of the inside.

The Jordan house counts 18 separate roof structures that break the massiveness into houses within houses. It is so tastefully done, the architecture is brilliant, as there is an intimacy uncommon with size.

The Bear’s Club, developed by the world’s greatest golfer, Jack Nicklaus, is now home to the world’s greatest basketball player, Michael Jordan.

The Bear’s Club was just a huge empty piece of land for years with a few cows and a lot of barbed wire owned by John D. McArthur until it was sold to Jack Nicklaus who had a dream for his ultimate golf course community. Jack Nicklaus later split the parcel into two pieces and developed the 2nd parcel into the Ritz Carlton of Jupiter, now the Trump National Golf Club of Jupiter.

While The Bear’s Club and The Ritz share the same stop light and first few hundred feet, the Ritz home owners drive straight and The Bear’s Club members and homeowners turn right into a magnificent, gated, stoned entry.

The Bear’s Club – Entrance

The Bear’s Club – Guarded Entry

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The caddies at the Ritz, when asked what the difference between the two clubs is, respond that the “Ritz homeowners are all millionaires, but the Bear’s homeowners are billionaires”. While that may not be universally true at The Bear’s Club, they do have more than their share of ultra-wealthy members.

MJ’s choice of a 3-acre homesite at The Bear’s Club is not all that unpredictable. His desire for privacy will certainly be well-served there, as entry to The Bear’s Club is well guarded.
His home has already been landscaped with a literal forest of trees, giving little or no glimpse of his mammoth 28,000-square-foot home, together with 3 separate structures; a guard house, guest house and pool house.

He paid $4.8m for the land and $7.6m for the construction, making this $12.4m mansion probably the most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beaches. MJ’s total commitment when furnished will probably exceed $20m.

Micheal Jordan’s House – Check out the HUGE 2nd floor deck!!!

Michael Jordan’s House

What is surprising, comparing Jordan’s piece of land to Tiger Woods’, (click here to see Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island home) is that Tiger put together 3 parcels on Jupiter Island so that he has frontage on both the ocean and the Intracoastal. It would be interesting to see what the Jordan home resells for, being that its location, while great for MJ’s privacy, is not ideal for resale to the trophy and yacht buyer.

Jordan’s house has 11 bedrooms, 6 on the 2nd floor alone, a 2-story guard house, an athletic wing together with basketball court, and a lavish workout facility. It’s rumored his huge media room with state-of-the-art electronics is ‘cigar friendly’.

Michael Jordan’s House

Michael Jordan’s House

Michael Jordan’s House

While MJ loves cigars and gambling, it’s rumored he’s tamed the latter in deference to Jack Nicklaus’ wishes to ‘tone it down’.

The Bear’s Club has 55 estate residences, with starter estate homes beginning at $4-5m and the largest homes being priced just under $20m. Besides the estate residences, they have 3 other categories, Golf Villas, 14 Club Cottages, and 13 Vintage Estate Homes. (Click here to see all of Michael Jordan’s new neighbors homes on the market at The Bear’s Club real estate for sale.)

The stone-clad Clubhouse is truly magnificent looking, both architecturally and the lush, dark-wooded interior. Jack Nicklaus spared nothing when building this masterpiece, notwithstanding the $90,000 initiation fee and $25,000 annual dues.

The Bear’s Club Clubhouse

The golf course is not your typical palm tree lined Florida course; instead, the property is blessed with hundreds of mature pine trees and well maintained scrub that eats golf balls when struck off line.

The Bear’s Club Golf Course

The greens are firm, ultra-fast, and can be treacherous when cut very tight. I played there over a dozen times and always averaged about 3 to 4 strokes higher than my normal score. The course has a very high course rating and is fair but on the difficult side. Their caddy program is terrific.

Comparing it to Trump National Golf Club of Jupiter, where I was a member for 4 years before 2 back surgeries forced my early retirement from golf, I found the Trump to be a hair easier, maybe 1 to 2 strokes. Jack Nicklaus also designed the Ritz (now the Trump) and made it his chief project to not let it be a lesser course, and he definitely achieved his goal. Both courses are terrific, great challenges, and a joy to play.

Having built homes in Highland Park, Illinois, I remember when MJ bought his parcel of land in Highland Park and built a 29,000-square-foot house together with a 3-hole golf course in his backyard. MJ had the number 23 on his entry gate. We are still waiting to see if that gate will go up. Will history repeat itself?

–Cary Lichtenstein is a former golf rater for GolfWeek Magazine. He started playing when he was 7 years old. His handicap varied from 4-5. He lives next door to The Bear’s Club at Admirals Cove. Cary and his son, Jeff Lichtenstein, are realtors for Illustrated Properties and Christies Great Estates.


Tale of the House – Rory McIlroy’s New House vs Tiger Woods’ Estate

January 16th, 2013


Rory McIlroy’s New House
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Tiger Woods’ House
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Tale Of The House
10,080 square feet vs 16,127 square feet
1 acre vs 14 acres
Palm Beach Gardens vs Jupiter Island
$9,500,000 vs $46,365,390 (tax records for 2013)
$190,000 – 2013 Est. Taxes (2% x $9.5m) vs $842,765.32 – 2012 Property Taxes
Narrow Intracoastal vs Wide Intercoastal + Ocean
Multiple Party Decks vs Multiple Swimming Pools
76-foot Boat vs 125-foot Boat
Clean Classic Contemporary vs European White Modern
6 Bedrooms vs ?????
Practice Putting Green vs Practice 4-Hole Golf Course
Emerging Superstar vs Aging Superstar
New Construction vs Might Need Some Remodeling
Treadmill vs Sophisticated Workout Facility
Female Tennis Star vs Home Alone
Simple Gate vs Hi-Tech Security
$250 Million Nike Contract vs $100 million Nike contract
2 Majors vs 14 Majors

Rory McIlroy’s Party Pool
CLICK HERE for a full-sized view

Tiger Woods’ Swimming Pool
CLICK HERE for a full-sized view
Comparing Rory McIlroy’s new home in Florida with Tiger Woods’ 10-acre estate about 10 miles to the north is in many ways reflective of the young 23-year-old’s emerging from the shadow of the 37-year-old aging superstar, Tiger Woods. A press conference yesterday announced Rory’s massive $250 million, 10-year contract with Nike vs. Tiger’s $100 million, 10-year deal in its final stages. Each owns homes in Florida, so the comparison is inevitable:Rory’s house is modest in comparison to Tiger’s, ½ the size, ½ the amenities, 1/10 the acreage, occupied by the love of his life, Tennis Superstar Caroline Wozniacki, vs. Tiger’s virtual Home Alone, self-imposed prison/privacy-like atmosphere.Rory’s happy cherubic face and bubbling girlfriend fills his stone & glass contemporary home with the exuberance of youth and happiness compared to Tiger’s white modern box of stoic architecture and the lonely guy who fell from grace living there. Rory lives virtually kitty-corner from Jack Nicklaus’ Bear’s Club real estate near all of the restaurants in Jupiter, while Tiger lives “way out”, isolated on Jupiter Island.Hopefully with both Tiger and Rory representing Nike, maybe Tiger can regain some of his rapid fall from grace and become a standout gentleman and return to his #1 status in the world of golf. Odds are against Tiger in this matchup, but Tiger has bounced back before and Rory hasn’t proved his non-susceptibility to the temptations of stardom.

The next match: April 8th; site: Augusta, Georgia, The Masters. Will Rory win his first green jacket and 2nd consecutive major or will Tiger win his 15th major and his 4th green jacket?

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Rory McIlroy’s Palm Beach Gardens Home | Exclusive New Photos of his Contemporary $9.5m Intracoastal Enclave

December 21st, 2012

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Rory McIlroy-1 home

Rory McIlroy has purchased and closed on a $9.5m contemporary/modern home, 15,286 square feet, directly on the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach Gardens. 2380 Old Gate Lane was completed last year and is located in the very private and tiny gated Old Gate subdivision. At a cost of approximately $7m, the builder made a handsome profit for this speculation home.

The architecture of this 6 bedroom home is magnificent, with a center glass core and window views everywhere throughout the house. It’s really an updated Frank Lloyd Wright turned modern. Multiple party patios on multiple levels and on opposite sides take advantage of the Intracoastal Waterway and make this home the perfect spot to entertain 100+ guests. While not having Tiger Woods‘ private golf course, a putting green is already in place. The home is on the Intracoastal and will not only let Rory enjoy the fantastic cerulean water views, but also provide a place to dock a private yacht.

Rory Mcllroy's home in Palm Beach Gardens

The 6-bedroom, 9-bathroom home, including a private gym, is just a mere mile from The Bear’s Club, the most expensive Jupiter real estate development. Rory will most likely join The Bear’s Club (where he was also looking to purchase) and Trump National Jupiter Golf Club & Spa. The Bear’s Club recently lowered their membership to $90,000 initiation and will take outside members. The Donald purchased the next-door Ritz-Carlton just a month ago, renamed it Trump National Jupiter Golf Club & Spa, and is rumored to be lowering initiation to $50,000. The Trump Club offers more of a social experience, a resort-style pool, and a spa that The Bear’s Club does not have. It would be a nice place for girlfriend and tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki, to hang out.

Rory Mcllroy's home in Palm Beach Gardens

Rory, heir apparent to Tiger Woods, or perhaps that crown has already been passed with his $14m season’s winnings and reported $100m Nike contract. Will Tiger be dumped by Nike? It definitely would not surprise this writer.

Rory Mcllroy Home

Rory’s seemingly effortless swing, reminiscent of the great Bobby Jones, seems unflappable and unstoppable so long as he puts in the long practice sessions day in and day out throughout the season. He’s a fearless driver of the ball, often 350 yards, and a smooth-stroking putter. He’s a quick player, confident in every aspect of his swing. A true “natural”, clean cut, innocent, Rory is the player the PGA tour needs.

New home of Rory Mcllroy in Palm Beach Gardens

He leads in earnings on both the PGA and European tours this season, quite a rare feat.

Mcllroy New home Palm Beach Gardens

Rory Mcllroy new home Palm Beach Gardens FLRory McIlroy Home FL Palm Beach GardensMcllroy home Palm Beach Gardens FL

Mcllroy's House Old_Gate

Palm Beach area homes Mcllroy house Old Gate 020

Palm beach gardens real estate Mcllroy home Old Gate revised 018

Jeff Lichtenstein specializes in marketing real estate from Palm Beach homes to Singer Island condos. His Father, Cary Lichtenstein, a resident of Admirals Cove, has rated golf courses for GolfWeek magazine and has played all Top-100 courses in the US. He enjoys helping high net-worth buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

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