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Juno Beach.

March 6th, 2018

Juno Beach.


Current conditions at Juno Beach Pier! ☀️ 🏖

Just another day in PARADISE! 🌴

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ValCare Massage Therapy

January 9th, 2018

ValCare Massage Therapy

#EchoShowcase…how does a relaxing massage on the beach sound or in the comfort of your own home?

Agent Sophie Schneeberger introduces us to ValCare Massage Therapy

Find out the many different massages they offer, the health benefits of getting a massage, & all of the different places they’ll go to give you a one-of-a-kind massage!

See our Facebook video here and share with someone you know in need of a relaxing massage.

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Local Fine Art

September 30th, 2017

Local Fine Art


#EchoShowcase…Agent Andrew Levy,  Agent of Jupiter & Juno Beach Seaside takes us on a tour of the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta…one of Palm Beach County’s hidden gems…hear from those involved with the art center…and check out some of the incredible art on display from local artists…Watch this video and share it with your friends and family of this hidden gem!

Their website is

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Manor | Juno by the Sea | Juno Beach

June 16th, 2011
Manor Condos online now. All listings & Sold Statistics!
Jupiter by the Sea Condos online now. All listings & Sold Statistics!
Juno Beach Condos online now. All listings & Sold Statistics!

Manor is located in Juno Beach FL 33458 and 33477.
Manor condos for sale and Manor real estate are subdivisions of Juno by the Sea.

LIFSHITZ MOSHE & 911 OCEAN DR 102 JUNO BEACH 28434128270001020
ARRIGAN ROBERT F & JOAN C 911 OCEAN DR 103 JUNO BEACH 28434128270001030
BARTH PHILIP C JR EST 911 OCEAN DR 104 JUNO BEACH 28434128270001040
REID JOHN W & LINDA 911 OCEAN DR 105 JUNO BEACH 28434128270001050
PIKTURNA ALLISON L & 911 OCEAN DR 106 JUNO BEACH 28434128270001060
BURNS VINCENT A & 911 OCEAN DR 201 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002010
STONE MARIAN 911 OCEAN DR 202 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002020
MARKUSON PHYLLIS 911 OCEAN DR 203 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002030
KRUEGER DORIS TR & 911 OCEAN DR 204 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002040
COWLEY MARGARET S 911 OCEAN DR 205 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002050
FELDMAN LEATRICE 911 OCEAN DR 206 JUNO BEACH 28434128270002060
VANDYCK JO C 911 OCEAN DR 302 JUNO BEACH 28434128270003020
KLEIN TERRY W TRUST 911 OCEAN DR 303 JUNO BEACH 28434128270003030
PURRINGTON C DANA & 911 OCEAN DR 304 JUNO BEACH 28434128270003040
GORNY EDWARD & 911 OCEAN DR 305 JUNO BEACH 28434128270003050
MORIN JOHN E TRUST 911 OCEAN DR 306 JUNO BEACH 28434128270003060
PANOFF LEE J & 911 OCEAN DR 401 JUNO BEACH 28434128270004010
SUSTAR ROGER J & 911 OCEAN DR 402 JUNO BEACH 28434128270004020
HOWE EDWARD J & 911 OCEAN DR 403 JUNO BEACH 28434128270004030
BERZINSKAS LIUCIJA & 911 OCEAN DR 404 JUNO BEACH 28434128270004040
GIRARD MICHAEL J & 911 OCEAN DR 405 JUNO BEACH 28434128270004050
MILLER BRIAN & 911 OCEAN DR 501 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005010
CLOUTIER JOYCE 911 OCEAN DR 502 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005020
HUNT BARBARA J & 911 OCEAN DR 503 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005030
CARONE BARBARA A & 911 OCEAN DR 504 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005040
LIDDELL DAVID F & 911 OCEAN DR 505 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005050
CHONG TEDDY & 911 OCEAN DR 506 JUNO BEACH 28434128270005060
SCOTT HANNA & 911 OCEAN DR 601 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006010
MARTIN NANCY & 911 OCEAN DR 602 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006020
SOMMERS MARY A 911 OCEAN DR 603 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006030
BIRD ROSEMARY 911 OCEAN DR 604 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006040
WYSONG DAVID A 911 OCEAN DR 605 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006050
MCCARTHY DANIEL F 911 OCEAN DR 606 JUNO BEACH 28434128270006060
STOESSER LINDA U 911 OCEAN DR 701 JUNO BEACH 28434128270007010
SUM MARCIA A TR 911 OCEAN DR 702 JUNO BEACH 28434128270007020
DUPILKA RAYMOND & 911 OCEAN DR 704 JUNO BEACH 28434128270007040
SECREST RITA 911 OCEAN DR 705 JUNO BEACH 28434128270007050
SWANSON JOHN I 911 OCEAN DR 706 JUNO BEACH 28434128270007060
URMSTON CRAIG W 911 OCEAN DR 801 JUNO BEACH 28434128270008010
OBERT FRANCIS A 911 OCEAN DR 802 JUNO BEACH 28434128270008020
DEPAULIS JOSEPH E & 911 OCEAN DR 804 JUNO BEACH 28434128270008040
RESMAN DAN & 911 OCEAN DR 805 JUNO BEACH 28434128270008050
COX DAVID M 911 OCEAN DRIVE 806 JUNO BEACH 28434128270008060

Palm Beach County
Juno Beach, FL
Lives at
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Juno By The Sea | Juno Beach Real Estate

May 25th, 2011

Although Jupiter is thought of as a seaside town, the real beachfront town is Juno Beach just 5 miles to the south. Here, the real “beach lovers” gather because here the condos and townhouses are located right on the wide and free beach.

Juno By The Sea Condos & Real Estate for sale

Juno by the Sea Real Estate & Condos Listings & Sold Statistics!


Juno by the sea real estate condos

Juno Beach is also home to the famous Juno Pier and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center where rescued sea turtles are rehabilitated and returned to the sea. And here in Juno Beach we find the condos of Juno by the Sea.

As the famous Beach Road makes its way south from Jupiter to Juno Beach, all the condos are located across the street from the beach until you get to Juno. Here, Celestial Way swings out east and the condos here are situated right on the beach. These condos feature two bedrooms and two baths with about 1,250 square feet of living space. The building has an east-west orientation but is closer to the ocean than any other along this stretch of road so the views are up and down the beach. Amenities include a community pool and access to the beach.

The Jupiter Inlet with its famous Lighthouse is about 5 minutes to the north and here on the water you will find some great places to eat while the 150 year old Lighthouse beacon sweeps the area. And the Maltz Dinner Theater offers plays and other performances.

South of Juno Beach and Juno by the Sea real estate, is Palm Beach Gardens with its famous golf, shopping and dining along the Intracoastal Waterway. The Gardens Mall, Downtown at the Gardens and Legacy Place offer everything from Saks and Nordstrom’s to big box electronics stores. And along the water are more great dining spots like The River House and the Waterway Café.

Juno by the sea real estate listings