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New Listing | 750 Ocean Royale Way #505

February 5th, 2019



3🛌 3.5🛁

🐬Soak in the ocean from every part of the main living area and master bedroom in this immaculately conceived and designed condo!

📍750 Ocean Royale Way #505, Juno Beach

Cathy’s Beach Connection in Juno Beach

April 21st, 2018

#EchoShowcase…Great food 🍽, friendly atmosphere 😁, $1 Drafts 🍺

Agent Kyle CrottyKyle Crotty – Coastal Living takes us to Cathy’s Beach Connection in Juno Beach

Open 7 days/week serving breakfast, lunch, & dinner!

🍺 & 🍷 with $1, $2, and $3 drafts…

Crunchy 🐠 sandwich, 🐠 & chips, reubens, quesadillas, 🥥 & fried 🍤🥗, wraps, & much more…

Casual & friendly atmosphere so come as you are!

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ValCare Massage Therapy

January 9th, 2018

ValCare Massage Therapy

#EchoShowcase…how does a relaxing massage on the beach sound or in the comfort of your own home?

Agent Sophie Schneeberger introduces us to ValCare Massage Therapy

Find out the many different massages they offer, the health benefits of getting a massage, & all of the different places they’ll go to give you a one-of-a-kind massage!

See our Facebook video here and share with someone you know in need of a relaxing massage.

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Have Boat Will Travel

October 3rd, 2016

Many times I have clients either out of state, or out of PB County, that have boats who want to live in Jupiter or Juno Beach. Most desire homes with docks, but then sticker shock kicks in and they go to Plan B… buying a home, then renting a boat slip at a local marina. You would think it would be easy to find, but the ratio of boat slips to residents in the northern Palm Beaches is probably less than 1 out of 100.

If the vessel is 40’ or less, the job is a bit easier, but if you get a client with a 45’er, your selection dwindles. Boat length, width, tower height, and draft (the depth when boat is submerged in water) are all variables. An agent better have it right, because if they don’t, you’ve got problems.

My latest client from Ocala, 3 hours north of Jupiter, is just that client. When we first spoke last year, they were unsure about the boat length, as they had not made a final selection. Then the decision came down last month. A custom 45’ SeaHunter with a 16’ beam (width), 4½’ draft, with a 14-foot tower was their new baby. Now I had my hands full!

Each marina has different specs, depths, and availability for each type and size of vessel. Tireless research went into finding the right home/marina combination. Below you will see a “Marina Analysis” I have prepared and tailored for my clients and their new sport fisher.

If you’ve got a boat and want to live in the northern Palm Beaches, let me know if I can do one for you.

Paglia Marina Analysis

(SeaHunter – 45’ L, 16’ W, 14’ Tower Height, 4½’ D)


  1. A) Loggerhead Marina – Palm Beach Gardens (561) 627-6358

2700 Donald Ross Road, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Annual Rental – $954/mo. including tax (+utilities est, $75-$100/mo.)
Monthly (min. 4 month commitment) – $1,145/mo. including tax +utilities
Month to Month – $1,287.90/mo. including tax +utilities
*Hurricane Protected – there is no need to move boat if hurricane occurs

  1. B) Old Port Cove* – North Palm Beach (561) 626-1760

116 Lakeshore Drive, North Palm Beach FL 33408
Annual Rental – $1,215/mo. + tax + utilities
Monthly (off season) – $1,400/mo. + tax + utilities
Monthly (on season) – $1,870/mo. + tax + utilities
(*NO Hurricane protection – if hurricane occurs boat has to be moved)

  1. C) Soverel Harbour – Palm Beach Gardens (561) 691-9554

(attached to Marina Gardens community, 1 50’ slip)

2401 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Annual Rental – $1,139.50/mo. includes tax and utilities
Monthly (November – April) – $1,696/mo. includes tax and utilities
Monthly (May – October) – $1,139.50/mo. includes tax and utilities
*Hurricane Protected

  1. D) Cypress Island Marina Palm Beach Gardens (561) 626-1792

2775 Cypress Island Drive, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Annual and month to month – 70’ slip – $900/mo. + tax + utilities
Annual and month to month – 60’ slip – $800/mo. + tax + utilities
*Hurricane Protected

  1. E) Bluffs Marina – Jupiter (561) 627-6688

1320 Tidal Pointe Boulevard, Jupiter FL 33477
Annual – 60’ x 20’ – $1,100/mo. + tax + utilities
*Hurricane Protected

  1. F) Jupiter Yacht Club (561) 741-3407

400 N US Highway 1, Jupiter FL 33477
On request – each slip is owned and has to be negotiated per owner
Marina Manager indicates going rate is $1,400/mo. – $1,600/mo. + tax + utilities


Andrew Levy is available to handle all your questions and real estate needs. Give him a call at (561) 891-9262 or email him at

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She took the words "Open House" way too literally!

September 1st, 2016

An essential component of the moving process is having your realtor hold an open house that will hopefully attract the perfect buyer. In addition to private showings, an open house offers the opportunity to bring in the unrepresented internet buyer who sees the open house online and is interested in learning more. The open house signs also capture additional potential buyers. If the stars align perfectly, the turnout can be excellent. Remember, the one and only reason that we hold an open house is to sell your home!

Open House Thief_01

Just like a chocolate chip cookie isn’t complete without the chips, an open house wouldn’t be complete without the following: the nosy neighbor who’s always wanted to see the inside of your house and the dreamers that aren’t seriously looking for a home but think attending open houses are a fun way to spend the day. As realtors we expect them all to show up and we love it! You NEVER know… who knows….the person that will fall in love with your home and make an offer. Holding an open house is important for all of these reasons.

However, opening your home to complete strangers can be stressful and a recent news story adds fuel to the fire. The woman pictured above attended an open house and helped herself to something in the house that she liked. She took the definition of open house way too literally! While we’d all like to believe that something like this would never happen – sadly, it does. Here are some tips that will help eliminate all unnecessary temptations during your next open house!

  1. Make sure that you work with a Realtor that you can trust. Your Realtor will be your partner throughout the entire sales process.
  2. Keep track of everyone that attends the open house.
  3. Avoid keeping anything out in the open that doesn’t have to be there! Jewelry, keys, money, and prescription drugs are the main things that you should keep out of sight. Consider investing in an inexpensive lock box if you don’t already own one.
  4. If you have security cameras in the house – keep them on! This is exactly how the woman on TV was caught.

Being proactive and protecting your home during an open house can go a long way in making it a huge success!

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