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Pet Cottage

November 23rd, 2017

Pet Cottage

#EchoShowcase…where do our four-legged friends 🐶 go when a loved one passes away, becomes disabled, or deployed in the military? Agent Sophie Schneeberger  takes us to The Pet Cottage in Jupiter…Find out one woman’s mission to ensure our four-legged friends 🐶 find a forever 🏠 …Find out the ways you can help with this mission…truly thankful for organizations like these in our local community…Our Tails have Happy Endings! Share this video with your friends and family who love animals and would love to help this wonderful cause!

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As-Is Contracts | JeffTV

February 12th, 2016

In a housing sale in Florida, an As-Is Contract is used about 90% of the time. There’s another contract that is used other than the As-Is which we’ll discuss in a different segment, but the As-Is contract is the most common use of a contract. Sellers think it’s great when they hear As-Is because they think it means they don’t have to do anything; and in other states that may be the case, but in Florida, the As-Is contract really favors the Buyer. The reason it favors the Buyer is because of the clause that’s written in there stating that the Buyer and Seller have to agree upon an inspection period. The inspection period is typically 10 days, although the standard is 15 days.

The clause in the contract reads:

“If Buyer determines, in Buyer’s sole discretion, that the Property is not acceptable to Buyer, Buyer may terminate this Contract by delivering written notice of such election to Seller prior to expiration of Inspection Period. If Buyer timely terminates this Contract, the Deposit paid shall be returned to Buyer, thereupon, Buyer and Seller shall be released of all further obligations under this Contract”.

The key words in there are ‘sole discretion’. What this means is that the Buyer can go out and write 100 contracts tomorrow, full price offers on homes, have all 100 accepted, and just give notice the next day that they’re canceling, as long as it’s within that agreed upon 10-or 15-day period. The Buyer is out and it’s just at their sole discretion. There is nothing the Seller can do at this point, so the Buyer’s deposit is refunded and the Buyer is out of the contract. They can put one home under contract and if another home they like better becomes available, they can cancel the contract and buy the other home. They also can try to renegotiate the contract during that time if they find results that are not so satisfactory in the inspection. So if you’re a Buyer, we normally recommend writing up an As-Is contract and using it, and if you’re a Seller, just be aware of what the contract entails. What we do try to do on the selling side is to limit the period down closer to 7 days if we can, because the less the period, the less the chance that the deal is going to fall apart.

AS-IS Contract

AS-IS Contract

AS-IS Contract

AS-IS Contract

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Time of Acceptance on Contracts | JeffTV

February 9th, 2016

What is a good time of acceptance to put down on contracts? Most people put down 2 days, but we never put down 2 days. We typically like to put down the same day if the offer is written in the morning, or if it’s late in the evening, we’ll put down 12:00 noon the next day. The reason a Buyer would want to do a tight time of acceptance on a contract is that the more time that is allotted, the more you’ll be inviting other offers to come in, which means more competition. People can typically make a decision in the time that’s allotted to them. So when you’re writing an offer and you’re on the buy side, make your time of acceptance very tight and get your deals done so that you don’t have that extra competition.


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Real Estate Photography | JeffTV

February 7th, 2016

The majority of Realtors, when they are trying to market an expensive home, will hire an outside photographer. However, when they are marketing a home under $500,000, they are using bare-bones photography. The majority will even use photos taken with their cell phone. At we do high-end photos for every listing, no matter the listing price. We have an in-house photographer who will shoot professional photos, along with aerial and night shots, of every property.

So, let’s say we have a home in the $200,000 price range, and instead of just doing a front shot of the driveway, we include an aerial. The purpose of the aerial is to show what a great view the property has instead of just having a full garage front-loading shot, which would be a weak shot. For a $100,000 condo, we would do the same thing. The aerial lets you see the full-length view that it gets, its proximity to areas of interest, and it tells a whole story.

When they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, an aerial really proves that, whereas when it’s just a front shot of the condo or the house, it just doesn’t get the same effect. With our team, you’re going to get first-rate photography no matter what your price point.

Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo

328 Leigh Road

Night/Dusk Photo

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Everyone Needs A Craig | JeffTV

February 5th, 2016

Today we’d like to introduce you to Craig, and everybody needs a Craig. So why do you need a Craig? Over the holidays, one of our agents was on vacation for 10 days and a contract came in that we needed to get done right away. Well, our primary agent was on a boat on vacation, but Craig is still in the office as backup. Craig gets it done, we get the house sold. If we had to wait a day, maybe we lose that deal. That’s why you need a Craig!

Craig handles everything from entering the listing into MLS to working with the title company to closing out the transaction. He is in constant communication with you. Craig quarterbacks the start of the listing, keeps track of all critical dates that must be met, and works diligently to make sure that the closing goes smoothly. From making keys to meeting the inspector to driving you to the airport, Craig will be there for you.

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