Mold and Defective Drywall in Evergrene

Hi Jeff,

I really love the homes at Evergrene in Palm Beach Gardens, but read about the builders WCI using Chinese drywall. I just did some digging online and found some forums discussing it in 2009 and 2011.

Do you have a definitive answer about it?





Here is what one of our best agents, Lanae Barnes, who sold at Evergrene for WCI had to say.

There are lots of builders that purchased Chinese drywall before they knew it was an issue. It doesn’t mean that it is not a good builder or that they don’t build quality properties. One building in West Palm Beach had Chinese drywall and they had to go in and remove all of it floor by floor. Another had Radon in the concrete. One well-known builder built on a landfill and had sink holes. If you google any large developer, I am certain you will find issues. It is a part of doing business. The real question is do they take care of their customers when there is a problem.

I sold on-site at Evergrene and I lived there, too. It’s an awesome community, and yes, a mold inspection is a good idea, but there is no Chinese drywall. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or 561-236-9617.

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