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Where To Get The Lowest Gas Prices In Palm Beach County

November 24th, 2015

$1.99 gas prices are here!

While I love living in my Jupiter home and working in our Palm Beach Gardens real estate office, I avoid purchasing gas here because Jupiter is always 10-20% higher than the gas by homes in West Palm Beach.

Each morning, I drop my son off at GStar, a charter school he goes to in West Palm Beach. Prices on Forest Hill Boulevard between I-95 and Congress Avenue varied this morning from $1.97 to $1.99! If you do a quick comparison in Jupiter, the low price, according to, is $2.27; the high was $2.55. Avoid Indiantown Road by I-95, which is always 20 cents higher than anywhere else.





Reasons For Not Using a FSBO or Discount Broker

November 24th, 2015

There are lots of reasons to use a Realtor when selling your home. Here are 18 of them.

  1. Discount brokers do discount marketing. They won’t get market value. If there is a pool of 50 buyers, he will miss 35 of them. Thus, the top price range should be slotted for 10% less.
  2. Marketing material will be non-existent.
  3. They don’t have the proper mediums to place the marketing material.
  4. Photos won’t have night shots, HDR, drone, angles, etc.
  5. Write-up will be worded improperly.
  6. Brochure will be amateurish.
  7. Web presence will be non-existent.
  8. They don’t have the database.
  9. Open house avenues will not be there.
  10. Mistakes will happen in MLS like the one with the development field not being in because no one knows what they are doing.
  11. It won’t be in our IDX, meaning it won’t be on the local Realtors’ websites.
  12. The Buyers knows they are using a discount broker and is saving 3% commission. The Buyer will want that 3% commission. They will actually assume it. Thus, offers will come in 3% less than normal.
  13. Buyers have no sense of urgency with discount brokers.
  14. There is no go between. Only a fool sells his own home.
  15. The Seller has no other inventory to flip them.
  16. The Seller is out of their element in negotiating a transaction. I look at 4-5 contracts a week and have done that for 15 years. How can a Seller doing this on a one-time basis possibly understand the contract and pick up on all the nuances in the negotiation doing it for the first time? It takes years to hone this skill. Even licensed Realtors from different states typically use a Realtor because state laws are so different.
  17. No one will be pushing the property in the field.
  18. The seller is ripe for being taken advantage of. They won’t know if the title is normally charged by the buyer/seller, how to fill out contracts, what disclosures to give, etc.  The seller can’t know because they don’t do this every day. 1,000 errors will happen.

So much more…

Mold and Defective Drywall in Evergrene

November 24th, 2015

Hi Jeff,

I really love the homes at Evergrene in Palm Beach Gardens, but read about the builders WCI using Chinese drywall. I just did some digging online and found some forums discussing it in 2009 and 2011.

Do you have a definitive answer about it?





Here is what one of our best agents, Lanae Barnes, who sold at Evergrene for WCI had to say.

There are lots of builders that purchased Chinese drywall before they knew it was an issue. It doesn’t mean that it is not a good builder or that they don’t build quality properties. One building in West Palm Beach had Chinese drywall and they had to go in and remove all of it floor by floor. Another had Radon in the concrete. One well-known builder built on a landfill and had sink holes. If you google any large developer, I am certain you will find issues. It is a part of doing business. The real question is do they take care of their customers when there is a problem.

I sold on-site at Evergrene and I lived there, too. It’s an awesome community, and yes, a mold inspection is a good idea, but there is no Chinese drywall. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or 561-236-9617.

Which communities are gated in PGA National?

November 24th, 2015


Do you know which gates are manned in PGA?




Technically, all the 40 communities at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens are gated. The community is completely gated between 9pm and 6am. There is also Elite Security.

In addition, the following communities have a manned gate. All 9 of the zero-lot-line single-family homes in the subdivisions in Eagleton are gated. Those consist of Augusta Pointe, Diamond Head, Eagleton Estates, Eagleton Lakes, Grand Cay, Masters, Monterey Pointe, Pinehurst, and The Cove.

Preston and The Island are the custom homes that have a manned gate. Preston Courts, which are a mixture of zero-lot-line single-family and townhouses, also enjoy the manned security since they are within the gates of Preston.

4 other communities have gated security without being manned. Fairway Villas and Legends have gates that will open when you get close to them. The gate at Legends though will be totally closed unless a resident calls you through in the evening. Both General Pointe and Resort Villas have gates and must have resident permission in order to enter.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me at 561-346-8383 or email me at

Eastpointe Country Club | All About Golf

November 21st, 2015

Interested in an Eastpointe Country Club home in Palm Beach Gardens? Take a look at What To Expect this Season. And for any real estate questions, contact Victoria Lorusso, our resident Realtor specialist at Eastpoint, at or 561-531-4977.

Hours of Operation:
East Golf Shop: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
West Golf Shop 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Dress Code for the Golf Courses AND Practice Facilities

Players must dress in golf clothes of the type sold in Pro shops; they may not wear short shorts, tennis shorts, cut-offs, cargo shorts or pants, tennis skirts, tank tops, jeans of any color, or exercise attire on the golf course or in the practice areas. All players must wear proper upper body clothing; men’s shirts must have sleeves and a collar, or have a mock turtleneck, and should be kept tucked inside pants at all times. Ladies tops must have a collar if there are no sleeves. T-shirts are NOT permitted and bare feet are NOT permitted.

*This applies to all Golf facilities for any guest or visiting family, regardless of age.

Guest Policy
Guests are permitted to play when space is available, however the Chelsea reservation system has been programmed to prioritize groups of members before assigning starting times to groups with guests. When checking in, please have the first and last name of your guests available for the golf shop attendant.

Guests are categorized as either Family or Outside Guests. A family guest must be immediate family. Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, and Cousins are NOT considered immediate family.

Guests are limited in how many times they may play during the season. Immediate family may play a total of nine times, while outside guests are allowed six plays during the season. More play is permitted in the off season, allowing 12 plays for immediate family and 8 plays for outside guests during the summer.

Guest Rates:
Family Guest
$45 for 18 holes; $30 for 9 holes

Outside Guest
East Course: $85 for 18 holes; $60 for 9 holes
West Course: $70 for 18 holes; $40 for 9 holes

Seasonal Guest Days
$45 per guest
East & West Courses (See Calendar of Events)

Pre-Paid Guest Fee Program:
If you like to bring guests, this is for you. When you pre-pay for guest fees, we offer you an additional credit towards future guest fees. The price of the program is $750+tax, and we will credit your pre-paid account for $900. The incentive is the 20% additional credit toward guest fees. At the end of the day, by pre-paying for guests, you will receive 2 free guests. When you bring guests, your pre-paid account will be reduced (dollar for dollar) by the cost of the guest fee. We made some changes this year due to the number of different guest rates in the new club.


Sunday, November 1st:
Set your clocks forward 1 hour
Sunday Couples (East) 1pm Shotgun

Tuesday, November 3rd:
Ladies Day | 18 at 8:30am (East)| 9 at 9:30am (West)

Wednesday, November 4th: Men’s Day – 8:30(West)

Saturday, November 7th: G4S Tournament
8:30 Tournament Shotgun Start on both courses
Courses open for member play at 1:30pm

Sunday, November 8th: Sunday Couples (East) 1pm Shotgun

Monday, November 9th: Guest Day(West)

Tuesday, November 10th: Ladies Day | 18 at 8:30am (West)| 9 at 9:30am (East)

Wednesday, November 11th: Men’s Day – 8:30 (East)

Thursday, November 12th: Guest Day (East)

Friday, November 13th: Eastpointe Cup – Pairing Party |West Clubhouse – 4:30

Saturday, November 14th: Eastpointe Cup Day 1 – West Course
8:30 Shotgun Start – Four-ball Matches

Sunday, November 15th: Eastpointe Cup Day 2 – East Course
8:30 Shotgun Start – Four-ball Matches

Sunday, November 22nd: Sunday Couples (West) – 1pm Shotgun

Tuesday, November 24th: Ladies Day | 18 at 8:30am (West) 9 at 9:30am (East)

Wednesday, November 25th: Men’s Day – 8:30 (East)

Thursday, November 26th: Happy Thanksgiving! – Both Pro shops close at 2:00pm

Tuesday, December 1st: Ladies Day | 18 at 8:30am (East) 9 at 9:30am (West)

Wednesday, December 2nd: Men’s Day – 8:30 (West)

Friday, December 4th: Twilight Golf – 3:30pm (East) | 9 Hole Couples Scramble

Saturday, December 5th: Men’s Governor’s Cup Qualifying – 8:30am (East)
Four Ball Match Play Championship Qualifier | 7:30 Breakfast, 8:30 Shotgun

Sunday, December 6th: Men’s Governors Cup 1st Round Matches
Tee Times Start at 7:30 (West) | All 1st round matches completed on 12/6
No Breakfast on Sunday
Sunday Couples (East) – 1pm Shotgun