Barclay Club PGA National Sculpture

How Barclay Club Got Its ‘Tooth’

Everyone always talks about the “tooth sculpture” at the entrance to Barclay Club at PGA National. I talked to Joel Channing who developed the neighborhood in an effort to learn what the sculpture signifies or depicts. Channing does a sculpture for each neighborhood he develops. Bristol Club, Villa d’Este, and PGA Commons all have sculptures.  Anyway, Channing always liked Winged Victory of Samothrace and wanted something that had an uplifting, positive feel. He contacted an Israeli artist to do a modern version. At first it was going to be a bronze, but the cost was out of control. However, the artist had never done anything in concrete and thought this lent itself to it. The rest is history.

*****Since we posted this blog, we have been informed that “the real name of the sculpture is “Pelican In Flight”. Look at it from the “back side” and you will clearly see the eye, gullet (beak) and wing.”

'Tooth' Sculpture - Barclay Club at PGA National

‘Tooth’ Sculpture – Barclay Club at PGA National

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