What To Do If My Dog Licks a Toad or Frog in Florida

New residents often ask about poisonous frogs. They kind of don’t believe it to be true and it really is. While I generally laugh off alligators, as there have only been something like 19 alligator fatalities over the past 19 years, the toad deaths are a different story.

Lurking in every community are poisonous Bufo toads. They sweat poison-laced saliva out of their glands.

If this happens to you, call your vet immediately. I’ve been told by my vet to wash out the dog’s mouth, towel pat your dog’s mouth, wash & clean everywhere on your pet.  Then get to your vet.

I also have a mesh at the lower portion of my backyard fence up in my Egret Landing home in Jupiter to protect Chloe, our dog. You can buy this at any Home Depot. While it doesn’t guarantee the toads will not get in, it is a deterrent.

Dog at X-mas

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