Condo Pet Restrictions in Jupiter, Juno Beach, and Singer Island

Pets and Condos. Who takes ‘em and who doesn’t?

Jupiter Island condos, condos for sale in Juno Beach, and Singer Island condos all have different rules and regulations.

If you have a dog(s) or cat(s) and you want to live in a condo, does your Realtor know?

  1. If you do?
  2. Who takes and who doesn’t?

Each condominium building has a different set of rules regarding pets. In some they are:

  1. Prohibited
  2. Limited to 1
  3. Limited to weight
  4. Limited to breed
  5. Limited to the service elevator

Do yourself and your Realtor a favor and be up front, volunteer the info up front. If you have a restricted breed or a large dog, you will find your choices very limited. For a list of all the buildings’ restrictions, please go to our Pet Friendly Condo Chart email, or call Jeff for more specifics.

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