Watch The Rainbow-Colored Florida Bunting Bird From Your Own Home

If you are into Florida’s nature, you can see some of the most amazing bird wildlife from right outside your window. The tiny rainbow-colored Bunting Bird almost looks like a parrot at first glance (females are all green). I never saw one in my 14 years in Florida until I got a caged bird feeder.

Not only did the bunting bird arrive (see below), but it also attracts Cardinals, Hummingbirds, and even red-headed Woodpeckers who have a narrow neck and long beak. The cage keeps out the larger birds and squirrels, so the birds can feed in peace. I hung my birdfeeder right outside our dining room window in the front of our house. I see the birds when I leave/arrive and from inside the house. Note that the Bunting Birds migrate and go up north in May/June, so do it soon while they are here!

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