Veronica Lichtenstein joins the team at Family Counseling Associates, Inc. in Jupiter

A plug for my wife, Veronica, a Mental Health Counselor……(she has had plenty of practice on me)

My wife Veronica recently joined the team at Family Counseling Associates, Inc. in Jupiter ( 4425 N Military Trail, Suite 203). She sees individuals of all ages, focusing on anxiety, depression, and anger management. Her extensive experience involves working with individuals with global delays and their families. Although her range of work involves the entire age spectrum, Veronica has a strong interest in the adolescent age group because of the minimal clinical support available for this fragile population. She enjoys all of it, however, and believes that her job is to empower her clients to make the decisions that work best for them in navigating through their stuck points. If you or anyone you know would like assistance in working through some life issues, please consider calling her. Whether it is individual or group therapy, I am confident that Veronica can help you to realize your self-efficacy.  Veronica can be reached at her office on 561-747-2775 or by email at .

Jade, Jeff, Veronica & Sam

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