WCA 2012 at PGA National | Awards

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WCA 2012 at PGA National



I hope you had as much fun playing golf as we had taking photos.

Jeff with Elaine Solomon

So, what happened to our beautiful Florida weather? It went with the birds.
Despite the elements, the 7th Annual PGA Women’s Cancer Awareness Day to benefit Scripps took place. So grab your Starbucks…
find your cart before the ominous sky lets loose…
and head on out to play!
Afterwards the Ticket Guys were hard at work.
Everyone Had Fun!
with over $140,000 raised which will support 3 new Scripps Research Fellowships! Bravo!!!

1st Annual Best of Awards
Best Redheads

Natalie Bender, Ronnie Levine, Branda Mandel, Sheryl Moss
Best Pose

Judith Brothman, Esta Friedman, Malka Jacobson, Arlene Kiesel
Open Your Eyes!!!

Linda Coolidge, Angela Jaggar, Ellen Matson, Pat Williams
Best Matching Outfits with Matching Umbrellas

Renate Olbrecht, Britemarie Ramey, Claudia Rassmann, Ute Schwind

Terri Buda, Liz Diblasio, Karen Richards, Patricia Tierney
Here’s Johnny!!!

Kay Kien, Laurie Lasker, Marlene Sigourney, Robin Sweet
Best Driver

Judy Primack
Blue Woman Group

Robin Ahnert, Faye Bates, Ann Howard, Susan Morgan

Karen Berquist, Diane Gilespie, Barb Phyllis, Susan Wirths
The Pink Muskateers

Jane Baker, Judith Borinstein, Karen Warshaw, Terry Weis
Tree Huggers

Liz Edwards, Judy Furlotte, Holly Hooper, Joan Wilson
Best New Putter

LeVerne Eppley, Kathy Karabetian, Terry Morrissey, Sue Ritchie
Perfect ’10’ T-shirt Coordination

Claudia Criso, Judity Fabrizio, Lois Friedenberg, Marie Slepakoff
Someone Forgot to Coordinate!!!

Beverly Boyd, Anne D’Alelberto, Cary De Cenzo, Rosemary Depaola
B&W Always in Style!!!

Margaret Antolak, Susan Goldfarb, Ellen Rosenwasser, June Weinstein



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