Jupiter Inlet Weather Camera

On weekends in the summer I like to go for a swim and snorkel by the Jupiter Inlet. I have a Jupiter Inlet Live Camera on my website that gives constant photos, weather updates, and tide chart links on my website. It gives me a good feel of whether to head out to the beach in Jupiter Island for a dip or stay back. This morning I took a look and decided to pass because the waters look a bit murky and a hair rough. However, what most caught my eye was the message on the beach. I couldn’t make it out in the first photo. I zoomed in a bit and saw that the message said, “Hi Mom, Hi Dad with Love”.  At least someone remembered DAD!

Jupiter Inlet Webcam


The cam gives lots of photos and videos, including night shots. I know boaters, fisherman, snorkelers, divers, beachgoers, and people just looking for weather conditions use it all the time.

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