A Day In The Life or 1560 minutes thanks to “Just In Time Dry Cleaners”

Just In Time Dry Cleaners (JITDC), a division of Eagle Cleaners near the real estate in North Palm Beach, is the biggest time saver. Almost everyone I know drops their dry-cleaning off at a store. They have to remember to put the dry-cleaning in the bag, pay gas monies to drive to the store, and lose time in the process. Say it take 15 minutes out of your day to drop off and another 15 minutes to pick up. This is conservative figuring driving time, waiting in line, let alone remembering to do it. So that’s 30 minutes a week but realistically probably more. 30 minutes x 52 weeks = 1560 minutes a year. Since a day is 1440 minutes, one is conservatively wasting over a day per year delivering, picking up, waiting and worrying about dry cleaning. Probably closer to 2 days if you pick-up/drop-off another day or get stuck in traffic or behind a slow customer.

With Just in Time, it’s easy. I put the dirty clothes in a bag and leave it on a hook by the front door of my home. When I return home, the bag is replaced with the previous bag’s clean laundry. My time consists of opening up and closing my front door. No worries. They pick up and deliver twice a week right at my home. I never have to bug my wife to drop off or pick up the dry-cleaning. On my dress shirts I have them do a medium starch but you can request it to be done any way you’d like it. If I was ever in a jam, Eagle Cleaners owns multiple stores and I can always make an emergency drop-off or pick-up in one of the other stores. Not only do they have 35 years experience in the area, but they own their own dry-cleaning plant and don’t subcontract out. Best of all, delivery is free. The owner, Buck Denton, will call back immediately if there is an issue. If you want a dry cleaner that delivers in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, or North Palm Beach, look no further. Their location near all the homes for sale in North Palm Beach is on the corner of US1 and PGA Boulevard, not far from the homes for sale in Harbour Isles. The phone number for Just in Time Dry Cleaners is 561-212-4343.

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