Celine Dion May Leave Hospital This Week

Jupiter Island is always in the news these days.  For decades, Jupiter Island has been the quiet haunt of the very wealthy…and very private.  Then, slowly the veil was pulled back by the arrival of Greg Norman, Lee Trevino, Nick Price, Alan Jackson and the like.  Publicity  ramped up when Tiger Woods and the maelstrom that is his life these days moved center stage to Jupiter Island, followed by Greg Norman’s tumultuous marriage and divorce from Chris Evert and Celine Dion’s 500,000 gallon water pool (complete with holes drilled into the ground to return the unused water to the aquifer for the rest of us).

The tabloids have been buzzing recently about the much anticipated arrival of the Dion/Angelil twins.  This isn’t the type of buzz usually associated with the hushed tones of Jupiter Island.

But, the twins arrived safely albiet a bit premature and are enjoying the star treatment they are getting.  Canadian newspapers are reporting this morning that the happy family may be returning to the Jupiter Island compound this week.

In spite of her celebrity, the Angelils are just regular folks and are seen at the local little league games just like the rest of us.

So now that Tiger is divorced and Celine has delivered, Jupiter Island can settle back to the peace and quiet of waves lapping at the miles of oceanfront property and the snip, snip, snip of gardeners meticulously maintaining the sprawling estates.

Jupiter Island is a little piece of paradise.  Slip into town and let us show it to you.
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