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Frenchman’s Creek | POA Maintenance Services | Frenchmans Creek

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  • All residents of Frenchman’s Creek have the responsibility to enjoy themselves and not be concerned about the day-to-day issues of caring for their house
  • Frenchman’s Creek’s Palm Beach home owners services take care of all maintenance concerns while the residents play golf, tennis, enjoy the Beach Club, or have a relaxing meal
  • Frenchman’s Creek POA Maintenance Services provided to all homeowners and included in the maintenance fees are:
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Cable TV service, including all premium cable channels
  • 24/7 Security including a full-time paramedic
  • Maintenance of roads and community infrastructure
  • Maintenance of lakes and waterways
  • Hurricane preparation, shelter, and post cleanup services
  • Security alarm monitoring
  • Street and post lights and mail box repairs
  • Wild animal trapping and removal
  • Dog park maintenance
  • POA Maintenance Services provided to Patio, Villa and Town home residents:
  • Landscape maintenance including irrigation and plant replacement around homes
  • Driveway and gutter cleaning
  • Repair and replacement of side and back yard fences
  • Painting of the house trim every three years and a full painting every six years

Additional Maintenance Services available for a fee include:

  • Patio cleaning
  • Hurricane shutter installation and preparation
  • Weekly house watch services
  • Interior and exterior house repairs
  • Dog and cat sitting
  • Airport and local transportation
  • Dry cleaning home pickup and delivery

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